Switching to Google Desktop/GDPlus

Joel Ross GDPlus, nagyon jó kiegészítése a Google Desktop-nak. Testreszabható a keresés.

Copernic didn't last long. Thanks to Joel Ross I found GDPlus, a hacked version of Google Desktop which allows you to add additional file extensions for Google Desktop to index. Its works great, so now I can search my whole box for PHP, Python, Delphi, C#, C++ and other source code files. I'm not a big fan of installing hacked programs, but this will work for now. Google Desktop seems faster than Copernic Desktop Search, and I like being able to search from a browser... I always have a browser open, and now Google Desktop is just an easy QuickSearch away in NetCaptor.

[Via Adam Stiles]
[Listening to: Forever Free - WASP - (5:09)]