1 Terabyte email & 500 Mega byte attachments.


Hellacious Riders - Hriders.com 1 TB email
Hriders.com 1 TB email Hriders.com gives unlimited free 1 Terabyte email accounts that include 500 Megabyte attachments. We have been asked why we would do such a thing. The answer is simple to help people store large amounts of information in a safe and secure environment. We live in a world where natural and un-natural events take place, that can destroy homes or offices, when that happens many people loose all of their family pictures, their furnishings, office equipment and more.

Where will it end 1 gig GMail, 2 gig MSN mail, then 1TB hriders?


[Via A .Text Community]

Eztán majd jól rákeresünk (Hé Orwell, írd meg a 2004-et is!)