FW: Bringing the Menus to the Top in IE7

In the IE7 Beta 2 Preview the UI element that hosts menus and 3rd party toolbars is located between the navigation bar and tabs. However, in this release there's a registry key which you can set to move this to the top of the window instead:[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\WebBrowser] "ITBar7Position"=dword:00000001

You can also turn off the menu auto-hide functionality by checking Tools -> Toolbars -> Classic Menus from the Command Bar.

Disclaimer: This is not an official feature at this time and may not be available in the future.

One minor request: If you think you want to use this key please try it both ways with your toolbars and menus configured how you like them, especially if you use the Links bar and 3rd party toolbars. Also, yes I'm very aware that some people who previously did heavy toolbar customization in IE6 have concerns about the customizability of IE7. I hope this will help a bit, but if you just came here to flame please make it constructive. That will maximize your chances of getting heard. Ok, that's two requests. :-)





Server powers launch new grid group

IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Intel are banding together to steer an open-source software package called the Globus Toolkit.
"In the latest effort to put corporate teeth into the amorphous idea of grid computing, IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Intel are banding together into a new group called the Globus Consortium. The consortium will try to steer an open-source software package called the Globus Toolkit, which helps universities, companies and other customers run software on large groups of networked computers called grids. Grids today are chiefly used for high-performance computing tasks such as climate simulation, but computing companies believe they'll eventually run mainstream business software as well. Other members of the consortium are Univa, which is commercializing the Globus Toolkit, and Nortel Networks...."
[Via CNET News.com]


Nagyon privát közlemény

Örömmel értesítem mindazokat, akik hosszú betegségem miatt:
  1. együttéreztek velem és szurkoltak meggyógyulásomért,
  2. hajánál fogva előrángatott indokokkal megszakították üzleti és "emberi" kapcsolatunkat,
  3. közömbösek voltak,
  4. nem tudtak róla,
hogy a 2004.01.10-dikei felülvizsgálatomon onkológus szakorvosom közölte, hogy újabb kezelésre nincs szükségem. Ez informatikai nyelven azt jelenti, hogy a program (ez esetben a gyógyítás) kész van, befejezett. Vagyis a két különböző helyen észlelt rákbetegségből műtétekkel és gyógyszeres kezeléssel kigyógyítottak.
Köszönöm dr. Kondér Gyula, Dr.Dank Magdolna, Dr. Alföldy Ferenc és dr. Bíró Krisztina orvosaimnak és a kórháznak, klinikáknak, intézetnek.
P.S.: Ami a 2. esettel kapcsolatos cégeket, egyéneket illeti, most közlöm, hogy III. Richárd egy piti snapszli csaló volt hozzám képest.


Grokking Knoppix

chronicon writes "Knowing Knoppix is a beginner-friendly, 134 page freely downloadable book (released under the GNU Free Documentation License in PDF format) designed to familiarize new users with the Knoppix LiveCD distribution, GNU/Linux in general, and (as listed first on the description) Windows disaster recovery using Knoppix."
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Johnny Cash Lyrics

Johnny Cash Lyrics
A sok fekete hír után hallgassátok az új év alkalmából a legendás "Man in Black"-et. (Flash kell)

IBM Grid Near 50,000 machines - Slashdot Users #13

another similar writes "IBM's World Community Grid is off to a roaring start. Since kicking off six weeks ago (original Slashdot story), the grid has grown to almost 36,000 users with almost 50,000 machines. Growth continues as more media coverage hits. There is a team of Slashdot users - currently ranked 13th in points with only 79 members. If you have spare cycles, download the software, join us and crank for medicine. For those of you with dual processor systems, you'll have to use a homebrewed tool - beyond two is not supported yet. Alas, you also have to be running Redmond's finest. According to their FAQ, a Linux client is slated for development in 2005."
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