Do it yourself script center Part II...

Do it yourself script center Part II...

Comment based on the announcement yesterday: http://myitforum.techtarget.com/blog/rtrent/archive/2004/12/07/452.aspx

Very, very interesting. After opening the download file and starting to get into the files, the scripts are all contained in a Microsoft Access database!

Hmmm...the myITforum Code Repository is a Microsoft Access database: http://myitforum.techtarget.com/articles/1/view.asp?id=6298

Still, the "Do It Yourself" script center only stores VB Scripts. The myITforum Code Repository does that but also works with SMS 2003 custom reports and MOF files, Batch Files, Command Scripts, HTML Application, HTML Documents, SMS Installer Documents, Jscript Script, Jscript Encoded Script, Kixstart Scripts, Perl Scripts, SQL Scripts, VBScript Encoded Scripts, VBScript Scripts, Windows Script Component, Wise files, Windows Script Files and MOF files. Not to mention it has the ability to add any type you want.

Great job, Dan and Ron! More to come on this download from Microsoft.

[Via myITforum Daily Newsletter]