Free TS CALs for SBSers

This is awesome! Get free 5 TS CALs if you buy SBS2k3 + Win2k/2k3. But, you have to hurry because it is only valid from November 1st, 2004 to February 28th, 2005. Order them here: http://microsoft.order-7.com/sbstscals/

I just learned about this when Gavin blogged it today (read the whole article). I'm not sure how this slipped under my radar. Kudos to Gavin!

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Ez igen, 5 free CAL

Your Resource for Windows Terminal Server Technologies, by Bernhard Tritsch

WTSTEK.COM — Your Resource for Windows Terminal Server Technologies, by Bernhard Tritsch
Korrekt, szinte teljes oldal a Windows Terminal Server tárgyban.

Windows 2000 Resource Tools

I have put together a collection of command line tools for Windows 2000.  Two are from the Windows 2000 Resource Kit, the rest are UNIX type tools I have collected over the years.  I have used these extensively and they have made my life easier, you guys can run them on Windows XP, I have as well but XP has some of its own versions of the same tools.  You can get a list of the utilities here:

Resource Tools List

and if you are interested you can download them from here:

Download site

If you find them useful, enjoy.

I decided to go ahead and release them in a package cuz I dont know if the MSH team plans to release Monad as a .NET package or Longhorn and XP specific.  These tools enhance the command line experience, if you are looking for Interoperability for UNIX environments use Windows Services for UNIX or Cygwin.

BTW, Im looking for a home for these besides Geocities and Yahoo Briefcase, so if anyone has some FTP space they want to, ummmm donate let me know or if you have any suggestions where I can put these to be hosted drop me a line at

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A linkek rosszak. Az egyik comment szerint a Resource Tools List download-ja helyesen: http://www.geocities.com/virtua1_warrior/resourcetools.zip


page special drivers

http://www.station-drivers.com Az általam eddig látott legteljesebb, és használható driver lista.

Wikipedia Creators Move Into News

The folks behind the open-source reference site that's challenging the encyclopedia industry decide to give journalism a go. Through the experimental Wikinews site, anyone can take a stab at being a reporter. By Joanna Glasner.
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Getting around the GPMC :: RE: Backup GPO and restore in another Domain

http://www.gpanswers.com/community/viewtopic.php "For more info, check out the Appendix of the book which describes the Migration wizard !" Gondolom Moskowitz a Reskit könyv függelékére céloz.
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Distribute the updated Java 2 runtime using Active Directory

Distribute the updated Java 2 runtime using Active Directory

CA slaps spyware label on Kazaa

CA slaps spyware label on Kazaa "Peer-to-peer program Kazaa is the No. 1 spyware threat on the Internet, according to Computer Associates International. "