To Hell and Back: Microsoft Technologies at a Linux User Group Meeting

As I told you guys a few days ago, I went to a Linux User Group meeting to do a presentation on Windows Services for UNIX.  While the initial response wasnt that great it turned out to be a fairly decent experience..

6:00pm  Setup.  I set up my equipment.  I was using a Dell Inspiron with Windows XP Pro SP2 as my initial machine, set up my Tablet as a backup just in case, I also had my Sony Vaio with the Longhorn Alpha as one of the subject machines and my trusty Compaq Laptop with Windows 2000 SP4.   I established a connection with the Linux servers for the presentation and entertained alot of questions from the early comers.  Most of the questions involved Longhorn and the Tablet PC.  I had one guy approach me tho and told me I was in the wrong place, and that he had no interest in learning about Microsoft technology and that I needed to leave.  I told him, just because you arent interested doesnt mean others arent and I told him to talk to Dale, who is the president of the LUG.  I didnt see him again the rest of the night..

7:00pm Introductions.  I was introduced as the areas foremost expert on .NET and Microsofts technologies, which I chuckled at because Im far from an expert.  I got the "Microsoft Sucks" chants and I had about 8 people get up shoot me a look and just walked out.  Which I didnt let bother me, I just went ahead with my presentation and everything went smoothly.

8:30 pm  Entertained a lot of questions, a few regarding the Microsoft/SCO relationship, which I told them, Im not an MS employee all I know is whats in the press and I did add that I dont believe it and that I would have to see absolute proof before I believed in any connection between the two.  Then they asked alot about Longhorn so I did a quick show of Longhorn and I did say that when you guys go Beta with it I would come back and do a more indepth presentation which people looked enthused and so Dale told me just to keep in touch with him and let him know when it goes beta.  I then answered a few questions on SFU, and some on the Tablet PC. Let people play with it.  One of the Linux guys told me not to turn my back because it may wind up missing. 

9:00 pm -- Pizza time -- Ate pizza with them, which I ussually dont eat Pizza but I didnt want to insult anyone.  I got asked alot about .NET and Visual Studios which I showed that and most some were impressed.  Traded some numbers handed out some business cards and hung out and just chatted for a while longer.

11:00 pm -- Packed up -- Took down my equipment, packed everything up in the car.  Chatted some more with some of the remaining folks.

Like I said, I had a good time with it, besides a couple of sour apples in the bunch.  Of course I did get some of the Linux is better than Windows and that that Microsoft is bad because its a monopoly speeches.
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