Intel 3.40EE & 560 (3.60E) Processors

Korábbiak folytatása: Intel 3.40EE & 560 (3.60E) Processors: "Intel 3.40EE & 560 (3.60E) Processors Stephen Cooper, June 19th, 2004 ..:: Introduction ::.. If we were able to take a step back in time, I'm sure that many of you reading this article would remember back when Intel proclaimed that processors in socket form were dead in the water. Intel, along with AMD, then progressed forward with slot mounted processors, which didn't exactly last all that long on the grand scheme of things. Sure, we had Slot A, Slot I and II, but those only lasted through a generation and a half of processors. If you take care to remember, both companies moved back to socket implementations by the time the 1.00GHz mark had rolled around, AMD with their well-loved Socket 462, and Intel with their Socket 370, and then Socket 423/478. Lately, it seems as though Intel and AMD have switched places when it comes to the socket merry-go-round that consumers must deal with. Not long ago, Intel had the 370, 423, and 478 processor sockets, a fact that wasn't looked well upon by many in our enthusiast community. AMD on the other hand had their Socket A, and, well, Socket A. Since then, Intel has stuck it out with the Socket 478 processor until today, where we'll be debuting the latest LGA 775 socket while AMD has gained a higher precedence in the community with their Opteron and Athlon 64 processor lines, and have also adopted 754, 940, and now 939 pin sockets. Funny how things work out isn't it?